Who We Are

The SandVault team works in the background to ensure successful and seamless integration and operation of our products for the benefit of our clients and their clients.  The public face of the company is therefore a small group.  The people our new clients will most often interact with are the following:

  • Richard H. (Rick ) Murray, P.Eng.,  Founder & President,

Mr. Murray is a Professional Engineer registered in British Columbia, an innovator and a serial entrepreneur.  His early career in government service and consulting focused on traffic and transportation issues and large project design and community impacts.  Since the mid 1980’s his focus has been development of innovative control and payment systems.  From the world’s first self serve credit card payment systems in the 80’s and extensive work with smart card payment systems for the banking industry in the 90’s the objective has been to create new applications to simply make things work better.  SandVault was created to continue the spirit of innovation combined with a commitment to quality and customer service. Mr Murray’s prior business venture was QI Systems Inc.

  • Derrick Moennick, Business Development

Derrick has over 20 years of progressive business experience and leads the SandVault sales and marketing activities. He is an entrepreneur who has launched multiple start-ups in BC. Before joining SandVault, Derrick was in Sales & Marketing at ICI Paints, and Fonality.


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One comment on “Who We Are

  1. Do you have any examples of Bike Sharing in suburban / grade challenged terrain?
    I am a City Council member of the City of Aliso Viejo and am very interested in pursuing a bike sharing concept in our community, but I have not seen any examples in suburban communities plus we have a fair amount of grade to contend with. I would like to hear any of your thoughts.
    Bill Phillips

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