SandVault Launches: On Demand Helmet Station for Bike Share

Sanitary On Demand Helmet Solution

Sanitary On Demand Helmet Solution


SandVault announces HelmetStation

The first integrated Helmet dispensing system for public bike share

In response to growing demand for helmets as a choice in public bike share (PBS) systems,. SandVault Group Global Solutions today announced the launch of HelmetStation, the industry’s first fully integrated helmet dispensing system.

In Cycling, as with other industries, there are multiple customer segments. The same holds true for PBS. Bicycle helmets are used in every city in the world. In every market the adoption rate varies, but where helmets are optional cities generally see 4% to 30% usage rates. For a PBS system, this can represent a significant market opportunity that can be lost if helmets are not provided. Where a mandatory helmet law for all ages is in place, providing helmets is a must. As PBS systems are all about spontaneous low cost short trips, the availability of helmets must support that model.

HelmetStation, built on SandVault’s highly successful CycleStation, is the first PBS system that enables the seamless delivery of helmets at the PBS station. Key features include: at station helmet dispensing and return, integrated into the payment kiosk; one stop, one payment for customers; customizable user interface for helmet law/choice; options for helmet rental or sale; minimum moving parts for maximum reliability, and maximum simplicity on stocking and retrieval. Simply put, these features and workflow have been specifically designed to support the use of a PBS – spontaneous, efficient, and low cost.

“HelmetStation continues our push to provide solutions tailored to specific market needs” said Rick Murray, President of Sandvault. “SandVault is proud to launch a system that will allow systems that want or need to provide helmets to do so with an optimized user-centric approach, and at a reasonable cost”


About Sandvault Group:

Based in Richmond BC, Sandvault Group is the most experienced bike share system provider in the North America and has been innovating and implementing public bike share systems since 2005. Sandvault’s flagship product, Cyclestation, has been implemented in several locations, most recently a 1,000 bike system in Miami Beach. For more information, please go to:

For more information, please contact:

Derrick Moennick, Sandvault Group

604-278 9500

For a printable brochure:


2 comments on “SandVault Launches: On Demand Helmet Station for Bike Share

  1. My kid got head lice from sharing another kid’s hat. I sure won’t ride if I have to wear a used helmet. It would be worse than buying a hat from the Salvation Army store.

    All this helmet promotion is garbage anyway. Riding a bike isn’t dangerous.

  2. DS – I agree that I would not let anyone of my children or I for that matter use an unsanitary helmet. That is why BikeshareBC ( ), has a complete strategy for sanitizing the helmet before the next use.
    I agree that riding a bike isn’t dangerous, especially a three speed cruiser for riding casually around the city.

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