Public Bike Share on USA Today!

Public Bike Share

Public Bike Share Stations to Quadruple in 2012!!

To be featured in the travel section of USA Today, is a very welcomed surprise.

The number of public bike share stations deployed in 2012 will quadruple, and this is a modest estimate. With the current number of stations being roughly 560, there will be at least 2500 stations in use going into 2013.

Key factors will be the deployment of public bike share solutions in the following cities: Miami, New York City and Chicago. It seems as though almost every City in North America is investigating the idea of public bike share.

There will be additional options to the public. With integrated safety options like on demand helmets at stations, electric bikes and better facilities (i.e. we will see public bike share help increase the use of bicycling as an extension of public transit all over North America.

We will also see the current public bike share solutions expand. The positive impact of bicycling rather than driving will be realized by all. We will also see the use of electric bicycles; many people have not had the experience of this new found joy.

The concept of the lock on the bike – or smart bike system, will be deployed in some cities without stations. Will this cost effective bike share solution work? We think that the current systems will not be as successful as the 3rd and 4th generation public bike share solutions, however new technologies will be developed in the next few years that will allow this type of system to gain momentum.

Overall 2012 will be a great year for public bike share in North America!


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