Vancouver Bike Share Should Learn From Melbourne!

Sanitary On Demand Helmet Solution

Sanitary On Demand Helmet Solution

Will Vancouver learn from Melbourne and pick the only Bike Share vendor that has a helmet strategy?

User in Melbourne states: “But the search for a helmet was annoying.”

”I don’t understand why there isn’t a helmet stand by the bikes. It would  make sense to pay for the bike and helmet together.”


4 comments on “Vancouver Bike Share Should Learn From Melbourne!

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  2. I have been reading through the correspondence on “bike share” and I agree the helmet law is a major issue. There is a simple solution.

    a) Helmets should be issued with a disposable skull cap. Simple, cheap, end of problem.

    b) Helmet rental would be included in the bike rental price.

    c) The helmet would be issued from, and returned to, a booth next to the bike racks.

    d) The booth would have a mirror for those of us who suffer from helmet head.

    With regard to the relaxation of the helmet law, Vancouver City is above Provincial law, as it was founded under a charter that gave it such a right. So the buck stops there. They are right to be concerned about safety and its litigious consequences.

    • Hey Frank,

      It does seem simple doesnt it. Although there are a few more points.

      1. How do you track the helmet.
      2. There has to be a dispencing unit and a return unit.
      3. There has to be a return unit at each station.
      4. The helmets have to be sized for most people.
      5. There must be a way of sanitizing the helmets.
      6. Distribution has to be implemented along with the bike balencing.

      I really like the idea of a non-breakable mirror for those of us that would like to adjust our hair – of course I have very little of that so it doesn’t concern me as much – but still a very good idea.


      • Thanks for getting back so soon.

        There is no way a short reply can address all the issues you have raised. The main thing that struck me about the original attitude to Bike Share in Van, was the issue of hygiene. The issue and recovery of the helmets is part of the bigger picture of how the system would work. Ironically, bike rental is no big deal, it is the damned helmets. One place to start is with a more compact helmet design. This should be easy to address. Also, if it is being designed for the use of bike share customers, then that process should be driven by how they will be dispensed and recovered, how the disposable skull cap would attach etc. Things like styling would come later. The prize will go to the entrepreneur who addresses those issues. At the moment I feel that everyone is looking through the wrong end of the telescope.


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