Oklahoma City Picks SandVault for Bike Share Solution!

Sustainability: Is Affordable, operates fairly and efficiently, offers a choice of transport mode, and supports a competitive economy, as well as balanced regional development.

SPOKIES – The new Public Bike Share solution for the City of Oklahoma City will launch in the spring of 2012!

With the changing dynamic of Public Bike Share – SPOKIES will use 100 bicycles already purchased for their public bike share solution. Oklahoma City is the only City in North America to use bicycles previously purchased and modified for a public bike share.

Oklahoma City (OKC) will be using the “Deco Bike” (www.decobike.com) philosophy for a completely sustainable public bike share solution. By using bikes already purchased, and by hiring a local company “Downtown OKC” to market, and operate the system, it will be Built by locals for locals.

OKC has partnered with SandVault Group to supply the technology for the public bike share pilot. “We partnered with SandVault (www.sandvault.com) because when we expand the system to hit critical mass we hope to build the rest of the system locally using local manufacturers as well as marketing and operating the system locally.

The fee structure has been approved and has been designed specifically for the OKC market.

Downtown OKC will create an image that fit into the local environment that will be marketable to locals and local businesses making bike sharing a sustainable, alternate mode of transportation in the downtown area.