BiXi Delays Bike Share Deployment – Now New York is Delayed




New York is now delayed. Is it the same software issue as in Chattanooga?

Ok friends and followers of the public bike share blog, what is happening to the core of the BiXi system?

We now see a delay in Chattanooga, I think that BiXi at one time has had a great successful program, but when you change the core technology – well you run into delays!

With 10,000 bike system for New York and 3000 bike system for Chicago pending what does this mean for the rest of the public bike share solutions?

“Jeremy Pomp, general manager of Bike Chattanooga, told The Gazette it’s unclear  when the system will launch.”

Gabe Klein’s intern Jeremy Pomp who was working on the Chicago Bike share system now at (and before) Alta:

Bixi has to change its core technology as they are being sued by 8D technologies the originators of the technology.

Calgary states that there is a conflict of interest:

Please comment if any of this information is incorrect so that it may be changed.


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