Elite Electric Bikes


The Velocity

The Velocity is a robust, yet lightweight electric bike built with the highest quality components. It is suitable for both daily commuting and/or commercial use. This electric bike also features a high load bearing, so you can bring whatever you’ll need along for the ride. The Velocity balances power with comfort, providing a smooth ride and excellent road grip while holding the distinction of being the most powerful street-legal electric bicycle on the road today

All of our electric bicycles are pedal-assist bikes, enabling you to experience the health benefits of cycling without getting sweaty as you ride. Unlike scooter style electric bikes, the Velocity can be ridden as a normal bike even if the battery charge runs out.


Elite bikes in the news: http://www.travelsmart.ca/en/Life-and-Home/Bike-More/David-Van-Seters-Talks-Electric-Bikes.aspx – Imagine adding electric bikes to the bike share fleet in Vancouver, or in your city!!


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