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Cyclehop To Introduce Helmet Vending, LED ad Panels and payment Kiosk to Phoenix Grid Bikes

Cyclehop and @KraniumDesign to introduce integrated helmet vending, LED ad panels, payment kiosk to @GridBikes soon.

While BIXI Files For Bankruptcy Rugged Cycles Deploys North America’s Largest University Bike Share Solution!

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Rugged Cycles deployed a 300 bike bike share system with seven stations in the summer of 2013! This winter the system is expected to expand to 500 bikes. I am sure that this is the largest University bike share program, in fact it is probably the largest bike share program in the State of Texas – and you know how they like everything BIG in Texas!!

Check out the website: 

It maybe time for the City of Vancouver to take a look at the investment they made into the Helmet/bike share system locally built by the SandVault Group!

SandVault’s equipment has been the only profitable bike share system that I know about, deployed in Miami Beach. Take a look at Vancouver’s local public bike share equipment supplier:

Helmet Dispencer and how to use.

Bixi files for bankruptcy protection

Bixi signed a “memorandum of agreement” regarding a sale in December but the buyer, whose identity was not revealed, pulled out of the deal this month, the city said.

“I really do see bicycling as the future of civic investment,” she says, “not because it’s the right thing to do, or a fun and healthy thing to do, even though it is, but because it’s just the only thing that economically makes sense.” – Elly Blue

Bike-share scheme wheels into Wollongong Via Spinway/SandVault

Spinway Rider

The more locations for the stations the better the system will be for all, hitting maximum density is key with this type of system.

Public Bike Share on The Daily Show

Jon Daily Show—citi-bike

But seriously here is a poll 100 person poll by

My prediction is that New York’s Bike Share program will expand to far more than 10,000 bikes in the next 5 years, as the number of members,  (As of June 6th over 30,000) that have already signed up show huge support!

Public Bike Share is simply just a healthy option to driving your car for those short trips, of which 62% are less than 5 miles.