Funding Opportunities

Canadian Funding Opportunities:

Eligible capital projects in the transportation sector are classified into three types: modal shift, fleet fossil fuel reduction and fleet GHG emissions reduction.

  • Modal shift:reducing the single occupancy vehicle kilometres travelled by encouraging alternative modes of travel Modal shift is the change in travel patterns from one type or mode to another (e.g. the change in the number or percentage of people who use a bike-sharing program instead of their car).The project must demonstrate the potential to reduce vehicle kilometres travelled for a target population.

US Funding Opportunities:

On the Study done by Feers & Peers for Monterey County:

FTA issued its “Final Policy Statement on the Eligibility of Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements Under Federal Transit Law”.

FTA agrees that bicycle sharing systems provide meaningful access to public transportation and help address the problem of the ‘‘first and last mile.’’ Moreover, bicycle sharing programs, like all forms of active transportation, provide numerous benefits, such as reduced carbon emissions and improved public health. Federal Transit Law limits the use of FTA funds for ‘‘public transportation.’’ Historically, FTA has not included ‘‘bicycle’’ within the definition of Policy Statement on the Eligibility of Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements under Federal Transit Law, 74 FR 58679 (Nov. 13, 2009). ‘‘public transportation.’’ Therefore, while a grantee may use FTA funds to purchase aspects of a bicycle sharing system if those aspects are located near public transportation stops and stations, an FTA grantee may not use FTA funds to purchase bicycles, regardless of whether those bicycles comply with Federal Buy America requirements.

Tiger III

TIGER Discretionary Grant program

Federal Highway Administration

Bikes Belong

Since 1999, Bikes Belong has awarded 231 grants to bicycling projects and programs in 46 states and the District of Columbia.


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