SandVault is the pioneer of PBS systems in North America having produced the system that has been in use in Tulsa, Oklahoma since 2007 and Golden, BC since 2010. SandVault also produced the system for Deco Bikes in Miami Beach Florida and currently has systems in 3 countries.

SandVault’s flagship Cyclestation public bike share system is unique in the market due to its combination of proven durability in the field, unsurpassed innovation, and flexibility to match the unique requirements of each implementation. This gives each SandVault partner and customer the assurance of outstanding reliability and the confidence that the system will meet both short and long term needs.

SandVault – the innovation leader:

SandVault current counts a number of innovations in the public bike share market. These include:

  • The first third generation bike share in North America (2005 – Dasani)
  • The first solar powered, mobile stations (2007 – Tulsa)
  • The first system with an integrated helmet dispensing and return system
  • The only system to offer multiple docking configurations to suit the local environment (beam, bollard, or tube & clamshell)
  • The only system to offer a choice of bikes to suit the specific implementation environment.

Sandvault Brochure July 2011

Click the above link for a printable brochure.


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