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But seriously here is a poll 100 person poll by

My prediction is that New York’s Bike Share program will expand to far more than 10,000 bikes in the next 5 years, as the number of members,  (As of June 6th over 30,000) that have already signed up show huge support!

Public Bike Share is simply just a healthy option to driving your car for those short trips, of which 62% are less than 5 miles.


Deco Bike Share in Miami Beach – Second Best Bike Share System in the United States?

Capital Bike share (2nd year) Deco Dashboard (almost two years. Deco 2nd year

Here is a great article on why Capital Bike Share is the best in the United States:

But lets look at the facts and compare the two most popular bike share solutions in the United States:

In terms of size, ridership, and financial viability—is in Washington, D.C. How
did D.C. accomplish this unlikely task?

1. Funding (Financial Viability):

Miami Beach: Paid for by Deco Bike

Washington DC: Paid for by US tax payers

2. Rides in the first two years (Ridership):

Miami Beach: 2,153,350

Washington DC: 1,851,857

3. Members (both annual and walk up):

Miami Beach: 600,000+

Washington DC: 270,000

4. Size:

Miami Beach: 100 Stations

Washington DC: 189 Stations

After the second try at a bike share solution, Washington DC has done a great job building and implementing Capital Bike Share. Deco Bike in Miami – second best bike share system in the United States?

New York City with 10,000 bikes and a sponsor of 30+ million dollars will be taking the crown away from Washington.

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5000 Members in 30 Hours – System not Even Installed

5000 Members in 30 Hours – System not Even Installed – But

its Coming!!


Public Bike Share is very popular! NYC – Citi Bike hits 5000 founding members in 30 hours – the system scheduled to launch next month will be off to a flying start! With 10,000 bikes and 600 stations it is anticipated to be the largest Bike Share in North America. The cool thing is that it will expand from there!!

Miami Beach and Washington DC are having record breaking months!

Public Bike Share Puts People on Bikes!

Potential Austin Bike Share Station

Potential Austin Bike Share Station


Here is an article that proves it – , but wait there is more proof.

In a recent RFP from the City of Boston, it states that PUBLIC BIKE SHARE has increased bicycle ridership in the City of Boston by 80% over ridership in 2007 – 80%!!!

The increase in ridership in Miami Beach and Washington DC  must be off the charts!


DecoBike/SandVault Win San Diego

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BiXi Delays Bike Share Deployment – Now New York is Delayed




New York is now delayed. Is it the same software issue as in Chattanooga?

Ok friends and followers of the public bike share blog, what is happening to the core of the BiXi system?

We now see a delay in Chattanooga, I think that BiXi at one time has had a great successful program, but when you change the core technology – well you run into delays!

With 10,000 bike system for New York and 3000 bike system for Chicago pending what does this mean for the rest of the public bike share solutions?

“Jeremy Pomp, general manager of Bike Chattanooga, told The Gazette it’s unclear  when the system will launch.”

Gabe Klein’s intern Jeremy Pomp who was working on the Chicago Bike share system now at (and before) Alta:

Bixi has to change its core technology as they are being sued by 8D technologies the originators of the technology.

Calgary states that there is a conflict of interest:

Please comment if any of this information is incorrect so that it may be changed.

Insurance and Bike Share Programs

Insurance and Bike Share Programs

“Unlike car share programs, most bike share programs do not provide you with any insurance as part of the membership, so it’s important to understand how other insurance policies you may have would apply.  In most cases, if you were in an accident involving a bike from a bike share program, your homeowners insurance or renters insurance would cover your liability if you were to injure someone with the bike. Damage to the bike would typically be covered if it was a result of another vehicle or vandalism, but it may be subject to a deductible, which could exceed the cost of the damage. If the bike is stolen while it’s in your possession you should be covered for theft, but it’s important to report the theft both to the police and to the bike share program as soon as you are able. Finally, make sure when you use a bike, you return it in a timely fashion, as some of the bike share programs will consider a bike “stolen” if it is kept for more than 24 hours- and they could subject you to a replacement fee for the bike, which would not be covered by your policy.
It’s important to make sure you’re aware of what your homeowners or renters policy will and won’t cover as it relates to participating in a bike share program by reviewing your homeowners or renters insurance policy with a Trusted Choice agent.”

Looking for Funding? FTA issued its “Final Policy Statement on the Eligibility of Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements Under Federal Transit Law”


FTA issued its “Final Policy Statement on the Eligibility of Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements Under Federal Transit Law” last week.

FTA agrees that bicycle sharing systems provide meaningful access to public transportation and help address the problem of the ‘‘first and last mile.’’ Moreover, bicycle sharing programs, like all forms of active transportation, provide numerous benefits, such as reduced carbon emissions and improved public health. Federal Transit Law limits the use of FTA funds for ‘‘public transportation.’’ Historically, FTA has not included ‘‘bicycle’’ within the definition of Policy Statement on the Eligibility of Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements under Federal Transit Law, 74 FR 58679 (Nov. 13, 2009). ‘‘public transportation.’’ Therefore, while a grantee may use FTA funds to purchase aspects of a bicycle sharing system if those aspects are located near public transportation stops and stations, an FTA grantee may not use FTA funds to purchase bicycles, regardless of whether those bicycles comply with Federal Buy America requirements.