Move Over Miami Beach and Washington DC – NYC Public Bike Share is the new Number 1 (in the USA)

NYC Bike Share


Bike-share scheme wheels into Wollongong Via Spinway/SandVault

Spinway Rider

The more locations for the stations the better the system will be for all, hitting maximum density is key with this type of system.

SandVault One of Fifteen Entrepreneurial Ventures in Sustainable Transportation Contenders – Vote for Bike Share!

SandVault is one of 15 international contenders for the entrepreneurial ventures in sustainable transportation – the MobiPrize People’s Choice award!!

Created by the University of Michigan SMART initiative with the generous support of the Rockefeller Foundation, MobiPrize recognizes enterprises that demonstrate innovative and replicable solutions to local and global transportation challenges.

SandVault qualifies because we are “Flexible by design”,designs are built to the clients specifications.

Information on what SandVault does here:

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Looking for Funding? FTA issued its “Final Policy Statement on the Eligibility of Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements Under Federal Transit Law”


FTA issued its “Final Policy Statement on the Eligibility of Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements Under Federal Transit Law” last week.

FTA agrees that bicycle sharing systems provide meaningful access to public transportation and help address the problem of the ‘‘first and last mile.’’ Moreover, bicycle sharing programs, like all forms of active transportation, provide numerous benefits, such as reduced carbon emissions and improved public health. Federal Transit Law limits the use of FTA funds for ‘‘public transportation.’’ Historically, FTA has not included ‘‘bicycle’’ within the definition of Policy Statement on the Eligibility of Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements under Federal Transit Law, 74 FR 58679 (Nov. 13, 2009). ‘‘public transportation.’’ Therefore, while a grantee may use FTA funds to purchase aspects of a bicycle sharing system if those aspects are located near public transportation stops and stations, an FTA grantee may not use FTA funds to purchase bicycles, regardless of whether those bicycles comply with Federal Buy America requirements.

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In an emailed statement to McClatchy, Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood touted his department’s work promoting bike-sharing and other alternatives to driving:

“Through our programs, we have funded new bike lanes and paths and have supported the development of bike-sharing programs to improve opportunities for people to get around safely and conveniently on a bicycle.”

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At a news conference in May, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg sounded enthusiastic about his city’s initiative: “Every city I’ve talked to mayors in around the world, it’s one of the most popular things they’ve ever done. I would expect it to be popular here.”

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“We are a small town and it is a real privilege to be able to work with SandVault Group Global Solutions Corp on this innovative community bike share program.” Says Mayor Christina Benty.  “Being a healthy and active community is important to us so the bike program is a natural fit expanding transportation options for locals and tourists.”

“I really don’t think we can add stations fast enough to match the demand and incredible enthusiasm for Capital Bikeshare,” according to Gabe Klein, director of the District Department of Transportation. “It is not only bikesharing, it is a new bike transportation network,” says Klein. “The installation of bike lanes, bike signals and now this bikeshare program will provide people with safer routes throughout the city and into Arlington ”

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Easy Riders? (via a kook’s journal)

Deco Bike has been a huge success in Miami Beach – Will it roll out 400 bikes in Long Beach?

Easy Riders? Since nothing was breaking on the West End this drizzly Sunday, we jumped on our bikes and cruised the Boardwalk to the East End, where we were surprised to come upon a bike-sharing station at Edwards Blvd. It turned out it belongs to Decobike, a company that wants to launch a rental and sharing program similar to the one it runs in Miami (and that exists in many cities in Europe). Decobike envisions a fleet of 400 bikes stationed at 25 kiosks fo … Read More

via a kook’s journal